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Thank you for your interest in E3Xpo 2018!

The E3Xpo, presented by ITEX, the City of Jacksonville and local sponsors is the largest annual event for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in North Florida. Created by the E3 Business Group, Inc. in 2015 the E3Xpo is designed to bring exposure to serious entrepreneurs, provide opportunities to promote your product and services and most importantly do business with attendees, local corporations, city agencies and federal partners who sincerely support and patronize with their $$ the products and services you offer.

Before The Event:

C & L Mobile Notary & More Kickoff Mixer

The week of E3Xpo vendors, local partners, and key professionals gather from around the city for a unique networking happy hour which last year brought together nearly 100 progressive entrepreneurs. A great way to begin pushing your brand the event is open to all vendors, sponsors and their invited guests and is free of charge. Last year’s event was held in the WXYZ Lounge at the beautiful Aloft Hotel – Tapestry Park the venue for E3Xpo 2018 once again.

The Event - Main areas in E3Xpo 2018:

DesignEFX Hall of Chambers

This section is comprised of organizations, agencies and businesses who provide support, direct services, or resources for small business owners and not-for profit creators. Past representatives include the IRS (the only event they are authorized to exhibit at for small businesses in North Florida), Small Business Development Center – UNF, SCORE – Jacksonville, Women’s Business Center, and professional organizations including E3 Business Group, Inc.. If you do business B2B then this is an option.

Simply Sweeties Business Triage

This is our most popular section for small businesses who have products or services geared towards professionals and other entrepreneurs. The Business Triage is designed to allow our guests to quickly find the services they need to move their business forward, solve a need or overcome a challenge. Banks, lawyers, insurance brokers share space with city agencies and companies who focus on small business customers and clients. Visitors love the variety, workplace consulting, copyright and patent services, videographers, professional grooming, corporate cleaners, bartering programs have all been represented in this section.

ASE Enterprises Entrepreneurs’ Way

This is the largest and most diverse section of E3Xpo 2018. Businesses of all sizes, types, and industries are on display and promoting their brands for individuals, families, youth, seniors, and corporate buyers. Areas represented in the past include education, health, beauty, real estate, financial services, wellness, technology, social media, computer services, security, jewelry, fashion, MLMs, communication services, consulting basically anything and everything. Entrepreneurs Way has developed a reputation for being a fertile environment for collaborations, contract connections, and having a large amount of vendors sell out!

KB Homes RYSE Showcase

The hit of E3Xpo 2017! The RYSE (Recognizing Youth Skills in Entrepreneurship) Showcase brought together some of the brightest and innovative youth entrepreneurs in Jacksonville. Businesses were visited by all the vendors and over 500 guests. Youth had an opportunity to present about their businesses to an audience and received votes. At the end of the day Goddess Food Factory was selected as the first RYSE Showcase winner. We obviously made a great choice as this same young business was recently featured on the Steve Harvey Show!

Event Extravaganza presented by Tristan’s Acceleration Academy

A new feature for 2018 this is an opportunity for vendors to receive incentive awards for their participation and promotion of the event. Awards will be given for most guests by a RYSE vendor, most guests by an adult vendor, and best display as voted by vendors and guests. No other event acknowledges engagement like the E3Xpo!

About The Event:

Attendance: 2015 – 385; 2016 – 472; 2017 – 507; 2018 - ????

Exposure: City of Jacksonville Employees, IRS website (First time!), Twitter, Facebook, 14,000 subscribers (E3 Business Group, Inc.)

Publicity: Jacksonville Times, Jacksonville Business Journal, SDBE Newsletter, SCORE

Why E3Xpo is different - This event is made up of entrepreneurs who understand the importance of being accountable for their own success. Vendors and sponsors are actively engaged in encouraging their network of customers and clients to come out and patronize with their $$. Our guests spend money and make deals with the vendors present and our vendors are quality businesses who value their customers. Click on registration to become a part of this unique exposition!